Your ultimate summer guide to high profits

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Your ultimate summer guide to high profits

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The season has come!

Summer is the best time to travel — or at least that’s what almost half a billion international tourists thought last year. Travelers look for top experiences and splurge on business class, unique accommodations, music festivals, yachts and even Lamborghinis to go for a spin in the Swiss Alps.

What if we told you that we know how to make money on every purchase that tourists make? Well, we do.

Travelpayouts is the biggest travel affiliate network that unites the world’s leading brands such as Kayak, Booking.com, Agoda, TicketNetwork, Viator and many more.

What will you learn

  • How to earn on your travel community

  • Ready-to-use tools for your website, blog or social media page to start earning right away

  • Proven strategies to maximize your profit by offering experiences

  • Summer trends, popular destinations and events to keep in mind

  • Special offers and a higher commission from Travelpayouts

  • And even how to get cash back for your own travel purchases


Liza Rudykh
Liza Rudykh Marketing Manager, Travelpayouts
Olga Gachkova
Olga Gachkova Marketing Manager, Travelpayouts
Daria Sukhoroslova,
Daria Sukhoroslova, Partner Relations Manager, Travelpayouts

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